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Review: “Made-by-hand art at three Minneapolis galleries”

Minneapolis Star Tribune art critic Mary Abbe applauds current exhibitions at Burnet Gallery, Circa Gallery and Groveland, all of which “feature terrific work in such old-fashioned made-by-hand media as painting, drawing, cut-paper and sculptural ceramics, glass and metal.” Abbe alludes to Lyon’s unique, contemporary perspective of his historical subject (his paintings were inspired by inspired by Bernini’s sculptures of…

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Spotlight: “‘Rome: Traversing the Sacred’ at Groveland Gallery”

Minneapolis Star Tribune art critic Mary Abbe highlights Charles Lyon’s exhibition of paintings featuring Bernini’s dramatic statutes of angels on the Ponte Sant’Angelo. About Lyon’s paintings, Abbe writes: “The flow­ing forms of Roman Baroque sculp­ture are a nat­u­ral for a paint­er best known for big, lush, Pop-style im­ag­es of roses and oth­er blos­soms … In­stead of ruf­fled flow­er pet­als, Lyon evokes…

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