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Review: “It’s unseasonably hot at four Minneapolis galleries”

Four Minneapolis galleries embrace summertime with bold and entertaining shows. As Mary Abbe of the Star Tribune points out, “summer sizzles this year at local art galleries. Often a slow season when galleries dust off old stock and settle in for a sales siesta, summer is seldom as dynamic as this month when experimental books, abstract paintings,…

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Seeworthy: “80 artists create ‘Love Letters’ for a summer show at Groveland Gallery”

Minneapolis Star Tribune art critic Mary Abbe highlights Groveland Gallery’s summer-long celebration of writing and receiving letters: “In these days of Facebook and text messaging, the notion of communicating by post seems a bit quaint and way too slow. For official documents and important sentiments, though, there’s nothing like an old-fashioned letter. Which is why St.…

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Review: “Minneapolis galleries showcase aerial paintings, abstractions and apocalyptic instructions”

Minneapolis Star Tribune’s art critic Mary Abbe praises exhibitions by Tom Maakestad and Wendell Arneson, simultaneously on view through June 6. Abbe congratulates Maakestad on his new perspective of the landscape, calling his aerial views of southern Minnesota a “breathtaking breakthrough.” Of his paintings, she writes: “though familiar, there is a quiet grandeur to these…

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