Christopher Copeland

"Both emotional and expressive in content, my work is a testament to the mysterious beauty of nature."

Christopher Copeland was born in St Paul, Minnesota. Having been raised in rural Washington county, he grew accustomed to open and serene landscape. This is where he first developed his interest in the subject matter that is the emphasis of his paintings today.

A 1983 Graduate of the College of Visual Arts in St Paul, in addition to his exhibits in Minneapolis and other Minnesota communities, Copeland has exhibited his work in New Your, Boston, and Ohio, as well a displayed in galleries in Seattle, Scottsdale and Santa Fe.

While the hayfields, river valleys and farmsteads have continually provided inspiration for his work, he has painted a variety of landscapes, often traveling to the north shore of Minnesota and to mountainous states such as Washington, New Mexico and Northern Arizona.

Included among the artists to whom he pays homage are the American impressionists Willard Metcalf, John Twachman, tonalists George Inness, Dwight William Tyron and painters Winslow Homer and George Bellows.

Painting outdoors on location, Copeland’s main concern is to record nature’s transient moments where the light is fleeting and most effective. Using loose but controlled brushwork, he works quickly to capture the atmospheric effects of light, shadow and color as they play on the land. Both emotional and expressive in content, his work is a testament to the mysterious beauty of nature.