Stuart Loughridge

Stuart T. Loughridge is based in Saint Paul. As a studio painter he works primarily with oil-paint and watercolors. He is also a devoted print maker, well known for his etchings; and occasionally he is able to find time to create serigraphs.

As for genres he is a landscape painter, and part-time he’s a portrait and figure painter.

Stuart’s methods of creating a landscape are rooted in the 18th and 19th century practice of watercolor sketching. Stuart carries a small watercolor kit with him at all times. These treasured plein-air sketches are the raw material; they are the seeds for the finished studio creations, whether that be an etching, a watercolor, or an oil painting.

The field sketches are by no means trying to be accurate representations of fact but rather inspired short-hand observations and are often void of city or settlement.