Susan Horn

"Thinking and feeling in paint is the way I most intensely experience life. When you look at one of my paintings I want you to share that experience."

Minnesota artist Susan Horn received her BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Minnesota. She has studied painting with abstract expressionist Ralph Brown and with Chinese landscape artist Zhuo Hejun of Hang Zhou Ching, China. Horn was also a member of the Northern Warehouse Sculpture Cooperative and the Figure Drawing Cooperative at the University of Minnesota. She has been influenced by those traditions in European and American painting that emphasize color and tonal relationships combined with strong composition. Horn has commissions and paintings in private collections in Minneapolis, Colorado, and London.

Artist Statement:

Painting has become like music to me, scales in dark and light, warm and cool.   The brush is the instrument of feeling and touch.  Everything is happening quickly in the moment, not knowing where it will lead. You feel the rhythm and balance as you compose.  And then before you destroy everything you sit down and rest, trying to figure your next move. In the end I want a painting that is immediate and vibrant and leaves space to breathe.