Northern Light

Groveland Gallery & Guest Artists

July 27 - August 31, 2019

Northern Light

To kick off our annual celebration of summer, Groveland Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Northern Light. This exhibition will feature work by twenty-five Groveland Gallery and guest artists.

Northern Light illustrates the affection both artists and viewers of art hold for our northern landscape. From the woods and lakes of the Boundary Waters, to the rolling hills and waterways flowing into the Mississippi from the Driftless Region, the big skies and prairies along the North and South Dakota border, and the patterned farmlands across the center of the country, artists find an endless source of inspiration here. The drama of the landscape is matched by the ever changing theater of weather – the sweltering summer sun which creates hazy atmospheres, powerful thunderstorms, and cloudbursts, the blizzardy white winters, and the brilliant blue skies which accompany crisp autumn days. It is no wonder that artists continue to look to the northern landscape for their subject. The exhibition will feature work in a variety of mediums, from etchings and drawings to watercolors and oil paintings.

Groveland Gallery artists:
Richard Abraham, Fred Anderson, Michael Banning, Kristie Bretzke, Dan Bruggeman, James Conaway, Joshua Cunningham, Robert Dorlac, Larry Hoffman, Susan Horn, Michael Kareken, Cindy Koopman, Tom Maakestad, Rod Massey, Barbara McIlrath, Carl Oltvedt, Amy Rice, Holly Swift, Justin Terlecki, Clara Ueland, Larry Welo, and Andrew Wykes.

Guest artists: Carl Bretzke, Mary Nagel Klein, Stuart Loughridge, and Bob Upton.


The artists will be present at the opening reception Saturday, July 27 from 2 – 5pm.