50th Anniversary Exhibit | PAST

PAST & CURRENT Groveland Artists

May 6-June 3, 2023

50th Anniversary Exhibit | PAST


Groveland Gallery announces its 50th anniversary exhibition, PAST | PRESENT | FUTURE, with three separate opening dates and special events throughout Summer, 2023.


Reaching a 50th anniversary is an important milestone for a fine art gallery. Groveland’s strong ties to professional, full-time artists and art faculty from regional academic institutions has been one factor in Groveland’s success. Delivering consistent, deliberate exhibitions as well as maintaining relationships with art collectors has been the lifelong work of Groveland Gallery’s Director, Sally Johnson. Johnson states,


“Groveland Gallery has been fully committed to the careers of the artists who we represent. Without the artists, we couldn’t exist. When guests visit Groveland, they’re not simply looking at local art; they’re participants in an exchange of ideas, where the value of art matters.”


Groveland Gallery’s roster of artists has included many important figures since its founding in 1973. Featured in this exhibition: Wendell Arneson, Chris Baird, Jim Conaway, Cameron Booth, Joseph Byrne, Anne DeCoster, Eric Austen Erickson, Larry Hofmann, Gendron Jensen, Sally Johnson, Greg Kelsey, Robert Kilbride, Mike Lynch,  Rod Massey, William E. Murray, George Morrison, Hank Rowan, Carl Oltvedt, David Rich, Dani Roach, Jerry Rudquist, Matthew Smith, Lauren Stringer, and Rochelle Woldorsky. Opening Reception for PAST is Saturday, May 6, 2023, from 2-5 pm at Groveland Gallery.