Dan & Lee Ross

April 20 - May 25, 2024


Groveland Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Breakwall, an exhibit of new prints by Dan & Lee Ross. For over 47 years Dan and Lee Ross have worked side by side designing and creating sculpture and prints. Their home and studio is located in Hovland, Minnesota, a small town on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The Rosses are known for their use of simplified, geometric forms, earthy colors and rich materials. Living in northern Minnesota and along the lake has had a dramatic impact on their work.

Their newest series explores the push and pull of human planning and natural intervention. Geometric layers of roughly textured ink build up abstract structures which, devoid of specific context, reference the landscape—both wild and constructed—encountered by the artists in Grand Marais. Of this new body of work, the artists write:

“Walking the breakwall begins with climbing a small set of stairs bringing you to the narrow top of the wall. Raw, wild Lake Superior on your left, calm Grand Marais harbor is on your right. The narrow ribbon of a path built up over the years on a ledge rock foundation can be treacherous. You can lose your footing if you’re not paying attention.

Layers of history are evident. Glacial striations from the last ice age contrast with evidence of previous attempts to hold back the lake. Holes drilled for anchoring structures and boats are now voids. Juxtaposition of natural features butted up to manmade structures has given us a vocabulary of new ideas.

This exhibition is a comprehensive view of our walks on the breakwall in Grand Marais, Minnesota.”