Colors from Earth & Sky

Susan Horn

April 24 - June 5, 2021

Colors from Earth & Sky

Colors from Earth and Sky, an exhibition of new paintings by Susan Horn, opens April 24th at Groveland Gallery. Over her career, Horn has studied under abstract expressionist Ralph Brown and Chinese landscape artist Zhuo Hejun. Horn’s own work favors the exploration of color, tone, and composition.­

Quick and decisive strokes fill Horn’s canvas. In her new semi-abstract landscapes, Horn employs the color relationships found in nature to communicate the attitude or impression of a location. She writes, “As I am painting, I am looking for a resonance – a rhythm that physically hits you like a deep chord. This is the sensation I paint towards.”

Horn continues, “My paintings come from landscape, places I’ve been and remembered,

places that have saturated my mind with their beauty and power. Color is the vein I follow through a painting. The goal is a composition that is structured but not static, the conclusion flowing naturally from all that has gone before.”