Dani Roach

September 12 - October 10, 2020


Elsewhere, an exhibit of new paintings by Dani Roach opens September 12th at Groveland Gallery.  In this exhibition, Roach continues to explore the intersection between representational imagery and abstract space. These new paintings composed of flat planes of rich color and delicate details, create a balance between reality and abstraction.

The artist states, “Elsewhere:  this is where the images for this small body of work originated. Before COVID-19, I travelled freely. Wandering elsewhere was a given, a need and an assumed privilege… These images have now become bittersweet reminders of places I’ve had the good fortune to visit in the last few years. They serve as hope filled distillations of other times and places. Art making these past months has been a struggle as well as a necessity. I continued to tackle the challenges I set for myself with these paintings, while questioning the value of creating quiet scenes of place and grace …My hope is that the paintings offer scenes that allow you to pause and exhale.”