Mike Lynch – Revisited

Mike Lynch

June 19 - July 17, 2021

Mike Lynch – Revisited


Groveland Gallery is pleased to present Mike Lynch – Revisited, a special exhibition of over thirty works acquired throughout the last three decades by one Minneapolis family.  In an effort to return the art back to the community of its origin and to allow others to enjoy these remarkable paintings, the collectors have decided to place their collection at Groveland Gallery for sale.  This body of work includes oil paintings, watercolors, ink wash paintings and pencil drawings.

For over 60 years Mike Lynch has been lauded for his contemporary realist portraits of Midwestern landscapes. Lynch documents the under-appreciated places that are backdrops to our lives; small town corner bars, abandoned grain elevators, illuminated factories at night and railyards at twilight. From the Iron Range to Duluth, from Minneapolis and St. Paul and the towns in between that dot the prairie, Lynch has recorded life in Minnesota. Choosing to work primarily at night, dusk or dawn, Lynch’s work is imbued with a quiet sense of solitude. This exhibition will include small watercolors made on location on the streets of downtown Minneapolis, alongside elevators in Superior, industrial Duluth manufacturing plants, as well as rural railroad tracks and South Minneapolis backyards.  In addition to the works on paper the exhibition will include numerous oil paintings of iconic Minnesota locations; the Pillsbury Mill at night with the river illuminated by a neon sign, small town bars, and out of the way industrial sites at night. Additional work from the collection includes still life’s, a self-portrait and paintings of miscellaneous personal artifacts, and interiors.