Northern Light

Susan Horn

September 9-October 14, 2023

Northern Light


Groveland Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Northern Light by Susan Horn. Minnesota artist Susan Horn received her BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Minnesota. Horn was a member of the Northern Warehouse Sculpture Cooperative and the Figure Drawing Cooperative at the University of Minnesota. She has been influenced by American painting that emphasizes color and tonal relationships combined with strong composition and freedom of expression.  Susan has been represented by Groveland Gallery since 2010.


About her work and process, Horn explains: “Painting has become like music to me, scales in dark and light, warm and cool. Everything is happening quickly in the moment, not knowing where it will lead. You feel the rhythm and balance as you compose. And then before you destroy everything you sit down and rest, trying to figure your next move. In the end I want a painting that is immediate and vibrant and leaves space to breathe.”


This exhibition will feature Horn’s medium and large oils on canvas and smaller pastels on paper. She employs loose brush work and generous color to suggest a view of a garden in summer or an expansive landscape. Horn’s work is barely representational and open to interpretation by the viewer.