Points of View

Joyce Lyon Gary Bowling Charles Lyon

January 22 - February 26, 2022

Points of View


Groveland Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Points of View featuring new work by Joyce Lyon, Gary Bowling and Charles Lyon. All three of these artists foster a life-long love of nature.

A native New Yorker, Joyce Lyon has resided in Minnesota for over 50 years. She was a founding member of the Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota (WARM) and has been the recipient of numerous awards, including: three Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowships, a Jerome MCBA Books Arts Grant, and a Fulbright-Hays Grant.  Lyon’s images are visual records of the places she has lived, visited, and explored. The paintings and drawings in this exhibition document the Minnesota River shoreline during last year’s spring flooding. Of this work, she states, “Thoughts about nature’s power to amaze, about knowing a place intimately, about time and history, are active as I walk and as I work in the studio”

Nationally renowned for his large-scale oil on canvas paintings, Gary Bowling discovers his subjects in the archetypal Midwestern landscapes of richly colored farm fields, radiant skies and the light-infused shorelines of marshes, lakes, and rivers. Bowling’s work is best described as contemporary American impressionism. For Bowling, his compositions are related to the aesthetic experience of the landscape before him. In this exhibition, Bowling focuses his attention on lily pads and small bodies of water. He writes, “My recent work considers the landscape not so much as an idealized vision, but as more of a mythologized vision…I am intrigued by ideas of landscapes as magical places that we can dream of an aspire to.”

Charles Lyon settled in Minnesota in 1994 after spending over a decade living in the Arizona high desert. Lyon spent much of his artistic career as a photographer, concentrating on black and white images of the natural world. After years of looking at the wilderness through the lens of a camera, the possibilities inherent in other mediums became intriguing and he began to explore painting. Lyon’s new work is inspired by a love for the Northern Minnesota wilderness. He states, “Traveling by canoe is one of my favorite ways to experience wilderness. Silently gliding over iron-tinged water in the BWCA is deeply satisfying physically and aesthetically. The sky and water merge as one gets lost in the rhythm of paddling. I revisit my experiences ‘Up North’ through these new paintings.”