Water, Tree, Sky

Kit Wilson

Sept 5 - Oct 14, 2014

Water, Tree, Sky

For this exhibition, Kit Wilson’s paintings feature three groups of images: trees and sky, foliage and reflection, and horizon and water. Wilson continues to observe and explore the intersection of these elements in the landscape.

Her paintings depict locations and seasons familiar to many Minnesotans: golden grasses reflected in the still waters of Lake of the Isles in fall; long shadows of bare trees bending across an snow-covered hill in Lakewood Cemetery; Lake Superior sparkling against a hazy, pink, summer sky, interrupted only by an island of ruddy, flat rocks.

Wilson’s meticulous paint handling lends her landscapes a precious quietude. Drawing viewers inward, her paintings are reflections of the stillness of the landscape before them. The artist explains:

I paint the landscape I inhabit, hoping to convey optimism. Looking up into a tree, or out over a lake or field, I am moved by the scale of the earth and sky. While sometimes feeling small in a big world can be overwhelming, at other times it makes me feel wildly hopeful. This is why I focus on the small in the big picture. I paint the sky with a large brush, but the details are done with tiny brushes. For me, painting the details is a form of meditation. I can slowly appreciate the little things that make up this broad view.