Along the Shoreline

Kit Wilson

October 20 - November 24, 2018

Along the Shoreline

Special Gallery Talk & Reception: Saturday, November 3, 2 – 4:30 pm (talk begins at 3 pm)

As the titled implies, for this exhibition Kit Wilson has focused her attention along the shoreline. Near water is where she is most at home and where Wilson has long found the subject matter for her paintings. Water in all forms and during all seasons captures her attention. With a sharp eye and near photo realist paint handling, she examines various bodies of water and shorelines – a languid velvety lake on a summer night, crusty ice along the edge of a river, or a hypnotic assortment of smooth rocks and pebbles recently washed by a wave.

Having painted water for many years, Wilson’s paintings illustrate an intimate relationship between the subject and the artist. She writes, “I love water, whether it is lake, river, or ocean. I love it choppy or smooth. I love it frozen or snow bound. I like shores and birds and fish. I like to be on it, in it, and around it. It is this feeling that I try to express through my work.” As a result of her long engagement with water, Wilson’s paintings offer the viewer an opportunity to reflect on how we perceive water in our everyday world, and to discover the small curiosities and beauty that surround us.

A Minneapolis native and full-time artist, Wilson has exhibited her work at Groveland since 2002 and maintains a studio in South Minneapolis. Her work is included in numerous Twin Cities private and public collections.

The artist will be present at the opening reception Saturday, October 20 from 2-5 pm. The opening reception and exhibition runs concurrently with The Edge of Water by Holly Swift. Both shows continue through November 24, 2018.