Groveland Gallery Event

Slow Art Day

April 9, 2016, 1-2 p.m. | free

Groveland Gallery Event

Groveland Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Slow Art Day, an international, volunteer-led event that encourages museum and gallery visitors to spend more time with the artwork. Founder Phil Terry hopes that Slow Art Day “helps more people discover for themselves the joy of looking at and loving art.”

Slow Art Day was started in 2009 by Terry, a New York executive who was often bored in art museums until he spent an hour in front of a Hans Hofmann painting at the Jewish Museum. In a 2011 ArtNews article, he explained, “I didn’t know how to look at art. Like most people, I would walk by quickly.” Terry discovered that the painting became more interesting, enriching and thought-provoking the longer he looked at it. He began Slow Art Day to share this experience with others.

How it works: one day each year, people all over the world visit local art museums and galleries to look at a small group of particular artworks. Each person is encouraged to look at each piece for ten minutes. Participants then meet-up for a discussion about what they discovered when they looked at art slowly.

In the spirit of Marcel Duchamp’s belief that “the viewer completes the art,” we invite you to join us and over 100 art venues across the globe for Slow Art Day. Groveland Gallery will offer two simultaneous sessions of slow looking at the art in our current exhibitions: Stillness Arranged and New Artists, New Views. In the main gallery, participants will look at three paintings by Minneapolis artist Dani Roach. In the Annex, participants will look at three paintings by St. Paul plein air painter Richard Abraham. Afterward, participants will be joined by the artists, who will moderate a short discussion about what participants saw when they slowed down to look at the art.

This event is free and open to the public. No registration required. For more information, please call 612-377-7800.


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